Can You See God's Love

Can You See God's Love

Can you see God's beauty,
Can you see His love shine,
In everything around you,
Just look at all the magnificent signs.

It is in each individual snowflake,
That drifts so gracefully to the ground.
You can see His love so vividly,
In each delicate flower petal found.

You can see His love twinkle brightly,
In the stars so strategically placed.
You can see it in the brightness of the sun,
As you feel its warmth caressing your face.

You can see His love as the grass turns green,
As the rains shower down from the sky,
As the squirrels chase each other up a tree,
As the birds so gracefully fly.

You can see His love in a mother and child,
As they share a loving embrace.
But it is easiest to see His undying love,
When you gaze at the cross and see Jesus' face.

christian by poetry Geri Mooren

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CHARLAX said...

Spirit Jesus

Spirit Jesus
Shadow Of The Hummingbird
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The light was off to the right side of me.
The Angel had my attention first.
He appeared just to my left.
Forty feet tall his wings folded around HIM
like a man wears a cloak.
A Helmet on HIS head.
He does not need his SWORD.
The Sword was hidden under wings so nice.
The light was not from this world but
portal in the center of the universe.
The place eye want to go when leaving mortal coil.
Otherworldly experience was natural unto me.
This mourning this very day eye did see GOD.
Inn the shadow of the hummingbird that winked at me
with wings beating imppossibly quickly so fastly.
The Spirit of the LORD who lives in every creature.
And loves us every one of us no matter what we have done.
He was in the Angel of the SON last nite that visited me.
And then in the hummingbird that winked at me again HE loved me.
Inn the shadow of the little thing is where eye saw my GOD.
We are all just living inn the shadow of GOD's SON.