The Power of Prayer (Oriza Martins)

The Power of Prayer   

Sometimes life holds dramatic moments of suffering, distress, almost despair. Usually we react in a stressful way: nervousness, restlessness, crying, outbursts of anger, rage, an unmanageable wish for blaming our sufferings on someone or something. How many times we were on the edge of start breaking everything around us…
Recently, I experienced those feelings. At the moment I felt my stress level rising to the heights of folly... I stopped; literally I stopped where I was. I closed my eyes and sighed deeply and… I prayed. I spoke with God, with the Angels, the Saints, with the Spiritual Guides ... I spoke in thought, silent and mute, however with heart and soul, not only tied together with the Creator, but also with the whole pleiad of sublime messengers who speak in His name. I asked for an answer to my anguish, a signal to an output of that crisis. The response was immediate. I began to feel an inner peace, increasing gradually, the calm I needed to ponder my drama with clarity and temperance. I realized that the power of prayer overcomes cups of sugar water, calming, herbal teas… it overcomes all that. Nothing is more wholesome than praying in a moment of grief.
Harvard researchers found, through studies, that patients who pray heal more easily.
           And while science seeks a physical explanation for the phenomenon, I content myself with the most obvious of all: Faith - in God and in ourselves.
©Oriza Martins 
Trad: Daiane da Silva


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