A Bridge Between Our Hearts

A Bridge Between Our Hearts

by Sammy Lee Lykens

The heart reveals your feelings
And it will never lie to you
I never thought that I would feel
This pain Im going through
Sometimes I want to give you up
I just want to walk away
But this feeling deep inside my heart is real
And it's there to stay
I just love you so
I knew it from the start
There is no way to tell you
How you have touched my heart
I'll always love you son
I kew it from the start
No matter what happens between us
There is a
Bridge Between Our Hearts
We may be different in so many ways
But what I feel for you my son
Just simply can't be phrased
I'd do anything for you
And I must confess
My love comes unconditional
And nothing less
You've placed your fingerprints
Upon this heart of mine
No one else has touched me there
Nor will throughout all time
I could never ever love another
The way that I do you
I need you in my life forever
I can't imagine what I'd do
If I should ever loose you
There is no other one
That will ever take your place
I really love you "son"

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