A Child Eyes


by Steve Rouse


The trust of a child,there is no end, to teach them right, to be their friend. You give them hope, you teach them to pray, mistakes you've made, keep them away. Give them your time, give them their space, when they step out of line, gently put them in place. Everything you do, everywhere you go, when no one is watching, that child it knows. Each broken promise, everything you say, they keep it inside, day to day. The things that go wrong, as the years go by, They often wonder, but they wont ask you why. A child is so fragile, so innocent and pure, you must provide them, the strength to endure. This life it's not easy, it can beat you down, when on you they call, can you be found? Don't fail this child, it's your love that will show, that you have taught them well, when you let them go.A childs eyes, when they look at you, the pain you carry, they see right through. If you look you can see, that fire inside, they carry you with them, in a child's eyes...

Love Dad

Love is Beautiful!!!

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