A Daddy's Love

A Daddy's Love

by Jacqueline Sandra

This man is no stranger
To his children or I
He brings a smile to my face
He is a father, He is so kind.

To us a father, That is true,
To his children, He is daddy
To them he is way,
Too cool.

Three children he does have,
Lovely and sweet
Leah, Chris and Daniel
To him they are such a treat.
Daddy! Daddy! Listen please,
He turns his head, I will,
I am here to please.
To love, to care and to cherish
He is their daddy
He is Relish

Three beautiful children
Three peas in a pod.
Love, joy and care,
which is indeed so rare.
He is their dad
And he is glad
He makes sure nobody at anytime is sad
All I can say is, He is not too bad for a dad!!

His daughter Leah loves a good movie,
with daddy by her side
Such a good story
Sat down together
They stare at the screen
Like two best friends
For no one to Interveen

Chris loves footy,
He knows it's the best
Come on dad! lets go and play,
oh no! dad says, could I have a rest?

Daniel the youngest
The baby of the family
loves his daddy naturally,
Looks up and Say's Why not I?
I want to play With my daddy, U and I

His daughter Leah
Beautful, tender and kind
She is Daddy's dear,
The Apple of his Eye
He is her Daddy no matter what
he will always be there for his girl without a thought.

Chris loves his daddy too
his daddy the hero,
daddy knows best, We all know the rest
this is a test, at last it will be a conquest.

Daniel the baby is innocent and cute
Loves to cuddle Daddy
In a way only he knows how he could.
His Daddy he loves, the best ever
His Daddy is a Sweetheart, The only one Ever.

His love for his children is unconditional and true,
Always there for them, never feeling blue
His life he offers them, without a thought
only in exchange for love and frienship
He knows its worth a shot.

Time he devotes without hesitation,
Without them he knows it will be damnation,
But he knows they want him too
Their love they surrender which is true.

Time is a good healer
Has healed him well
All he knows now that they are well.
Time spent with them ,
Is time well spent
He is their daddy, I can tell
No other daddy is better than he ..
Yes .. he is their daddy now And forever he will always be.

One last thing daddy on their behalf
Want to thank u
From my heart
For I know they thank u too
They love u and want u to know ...
Happy fathers Day Daddy, u are their Superhero.

Love is Beautiful!!!

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