A Night to Remember

A Night to Remember

by Victoria

We laid together for the first time,
your warm and soft body so close to mine.
On your chest I fell asleep,
with my leg curled around your feet.
I woke up thinking I was dreaming,
I turned to my left and found you sleeping.
I prayed that this moment would last,
and still my time was going by fast.
As you laid there with your eyes closed,
I tried waking you up by playing with your toes.
You glanced at the clock and saw time wasting away,
You stretched your arms ready to play.
You smiled as you looked at me,
With a stare, we kissed so tenderly.
Caressing each other’s face,
Our affection no one could trace.
Gently you played with my hair,
Showing me how much you care.
We held each other’s hand,
A touch only you and I could understand.
Softly my fingers stroke up and down your spine,
With inner thoughts of caressing you going thru my mind.
It’s amazing how someone so beautiful,
Could make me feel so respectful.
The time came to say our good byes,
Sadly you looked into my eyes.
My falling tears I could not hide,
I wanted to stay by your side.
We held each other close and for the last time our lips touched,
Coming from you it meant so much.
As my time came to an end,
I couldn’t help that I fell in love with my friend

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