Staying Calm

Staying Calm

Regardless of external circumstance,
the sense of serenity is still
a personal choice
in maintaining a balanced inner posture,
even in the midst of chaos,

Between confusion and tranquility
lies the ability
to stay calm
by claiming the honesty and responsibility
for one's own fearful psychic squealings,

To become sole master of self
oblivious to subliminal panicky feelings,
while sinking deep
within the easing quiet of the Tao,
in the face of impending turmoil
and careening crisis,
even unto the brink of death,

Gently surrounding yourself
with love and light
at your holy center
hosting the Creator,

Where peace blossoms
from a wise innate will
into a flower of ever-encompassing trust,
overcoming all form of earthly unrest.

Gordon Neumann


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