Prayer - by Ella Wheeler Wilcox


I do not undertake to say
   That literal answers come from Heaven,
But I know this--that when I pray
   A comfort, a support is given
That helps me rise o'er earthly things
As larks soar up on airy wings.

In vain the wise philosopher
   Points out to me my fabric's flaws,
In vain the scientists aver
   That "all things are controlled by laws."
My life has taught me day by day
That it availeth much to pray.

I do not stop to reason out
   The why and how. I do not care,
Since I know this, that when I doubt,
   Life seems a blackness of despair,
The world a tomb; and when I trust,
Sweet blossoms spring up in the dust.

Since I know in the darkest hour,
   If I lift up my soul in prayer,
Some sympathetic, loving Power
   Sends hope and comfort to me there.
Since balm is sent to ease my pain,
What need to argue or explain?

Prayer has a sweet, refining grace,
   It educates the soul and heart.
It lends a lustre to the face,
   And by its elevating art
It gives the mind an inner sight
That brings it near the Infinite.

From our gross selves it helps us rise
   To something which we yet may be.
And so I ask not to be wise,
   If thus my faith is lost to me.
Faith, that with angel's voice and touch
Says, "Pray, for prayer availeth much."

by Ella Wheeler Wilcox ***


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